Delgado & Fernández, LLC Launches New Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice Group

Oct 2022

Cybersecurity and data privacy are mission critical for any type of business.  As businesses and individuals today face an increasingly complex environment of evolving cyber threats combined with aggressive regulatory enforcement, our clients need a partner who can help mitigate risks.

Delgado & Fernández LLC’s new Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice Group is ready to help you navigate the difficult and fast-changing legal landscape of local and federal regulations related to the use, collection, management, processing, and storage of protected information.  From regulatory compliance to data breaches response, our team regularly advises clients in diverse industries on the privacy, data protection, data transactions, and cybersecurity challenges impacting their businesses.  Our team also provides cybersecurity and privacy training tailored to your needs and aimed at avoiding regulatory and enforcement actions and loss recovery.

Our Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice Group is led by attorney Andrés R. Cruz-Lago.  Mr. Cruz-Lago is an expert on fraud monitoring and risk management and has over seven years’ experience in internal auditing for financial institutions and conducting testing for independent assurance for regulations regarding BSA-AML, fraudulent transactions, and loss recovery.  Mr. Cruz-Lago has ample experience in conducting internal investigations and audits at two publicly traded companies in Puerto Rico.  He graduated with honors from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law and holds a Master of Science degree in Information Systems and Fraud Investigation.

Prior to joining Delgado & Fernández, LLC, Mr. Cruz-Lago worked as an internal auditor for Puerto Rico’s largest financial institution and as a compliance officer for a major international electronic transaction technology company performing compliance analysis and testing to conform to financial regulations.

What We Do

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity 

  • Regulatory compliance advice regarding the use, collection, management, processing, and storage of protected information
  • Advice on security breach notification requirements
  • Prepare Incident Response Plan & Incident Management Guidelines
    • Prepare and revise electronic information policies and terms-of-use guidelines
  • Data Processing Agreements
  • Business Associate Agreements
    • Litigation of data security-related lawsuits involving intellectual property, trade secrets, privacy violations disclosures of personally identifiable information, and other data breach claims
  • Privacy Due Diligence
  • E-discovery and Investigations Management
    • Negotiation of provisions in business transactional agreements related to privacy and cybersecurity
    • Data transfer and migration
    • Document and ESI retention policies


  •  Drafting SaaS Agreements
  • Negotiating Technology Contracts
  • Intellectual Property

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