Industries We Serve

Delgado & Fernández, LLC is proud to serve clients across several of Puerto Rico’s vital industries. Innovative and forward-thinking, we pride ourselves on finding solutions when you need them most. Whether you need an efficient litigator and results-oriented litigator or guidance with a transactional matter, we are well-positioned to provide experienced legal representation in even the most complex of matters. We have the depth of talent necessary to deliver excellent service that is both fully responsive to your needs and cost-effective.

Manufacturing and Distribution

We currently work with the largest bread manufacturer in Puerto Rico as well as one of the largest distribution companies on the island. We understand the challenges that manufacturers and distributors face and how important it is to deliver results without cost overruns. Whether it’s employment issues, regulatory compliance, or other legal issues, our team can help you find the right solution.

Banks and Related Financial Institutions

Banks and other lending institutions operate in some of the most complex regulatory environments. We help our clients meet their compliance obligations and assist them in their daily operations and important transactions.


Broker-dealers operate in a similarly complex regulatory environment. From transactional matters to defending against claims, our lawyers can help you navigate the applicable securities laws and regulations.

Insurance and Sureties

Our attorneys work with insurance companies on questions involving coverage and policy limits, as well as assist in defending against claims. For our surety clients, we work with them on qualifying contractors and negotiating the necessary agreements. In the event of default, we help them navigate the claim process and help them understand their remedies.


We represent clients in all aspects of the construction process;  financing, permitting, contract disputes, and litigation. Whatever your challenges may be, we are confident that we can deliver the results you need.

Real Estate

Our firm has a robust real estate practice that includes both representations in litigation and transactional matters. We work with owners, managers, asset managers, lenders, and investors to help them achieve their real estate goals.

Schools and Universities

Delgado & Fernández, LLC is proud to work with educational institutions that provide some of the best education available in Puerto Rico. We can guide you through the legal and regulatory requirements so that you can focus on educating your students.


Franchising is a popular business model for many reasons, but it presents many challenges. Our attorneys can assist you in drafting, negotiating, and ultimately enforcing your franchise agreements.


Tourism is an incredibly important part of Puerto Rico’s economy. We help our clients get their businesses off the ground and then provide the support necessary so that they can flourish.

Work with Us

Whatever industry you are in, whatever legal issues you may be facing, we are confident that we can deliver the results you need. So contact us today via phone or email; let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your goals.