Watchdog: Top Security Threats

Jul 2023
Delgado & Fernández, LLC

At Delgado & Fernández, LLC, we understand the importance of cybersecurity and data privacy to businesses of all types and sizes. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on federal and local laws that regulate protected information. We also maintain a focus on current and emerging security threats so that we, and in turn our clients, are not caught off guard. Following are some of the preeminent security threats faced by businesses today.

Supply Chain Attacks

An ever-growing security threat, supply chain attacks typically target a company’s supply chain by looking for the “weakest link” to attack. For example, in an effort to gain the data and information stored by a large corporation, a supply chain attack will focus on a smaller party, such as a third-party vendor, that has access to the data systems of the large corporation. By using this method the threat actor is able to access the data of a much larger business and create the most havoc and obtain the greatest amount of private information. 


Ransomware is used by threat actors to force legitimate businesses to pay them money to access their own data. By holding the data “hostage” and not allowing the business to access its own information, the ransomware is a way for threat actors to quickly make money. Ransomware works by encrypting files in a manner that makes them unable to be used by the rightful owner. Only after paying the ransom can the business access its own files. 

Compromised Emails

Communicating via email is an integral part of today’s business. Unfortunately, email accounts have become a source of privacy and security issues. Phishing emails are used to trick employees into providing information, such as passwords, to a threat actor. Viruses and trojans are also used by threat actors to gain access to email accounts. Other ways email accounts are used to breach a business’s cybersecurity and gain access to confidential information is thorough:

  • Malware
  • Domain Impersonation
  • URL Phishing 
  • Brand Impersonation 
  • Social Engineering

If you are worried your employees may fall prey to tactics used to breach security, our firm can help with educating them on what to look for and how to identify impersonation and phishing tactics used by threat actors.

Cloud-Based Attacks

The cloud is utilized by many businesses today, and threat actors target the cloud to obtain private data as they are susceptible to such attacks. By assisting our clients in identifying the areas that are most vulnerable, the chance of a cloud-based attack can be greatly decreased. Security practices, we have found, are key to preventing this type of security breach. By enhancing security protocols such as monitoring access to the cloud and enacting strict password requirements, many potential cloud-based attacks can be prevented.

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