A Puerto Rico Appeals Attorney Can Help You Navigate Appeals and Special Briefs

There is no guarantee of success in litigation. This is particularly true in cases involving complex legal or factual issues. The jury may get confused, or perhaps an evidentiary ruling from the judge crippled your case. If your case involves multiple claims, you may win on some issues but not on the most important ones. Fortunately, every party has the right to pursue an appeal. However, appeals and special briefs require a special skill set that many trial lawyers simply don’t have. You need a lawyer who understands the appeals process and has deep knowledge of the law. The process leading up to the appeal can be just as important as the appeal itself. In addition to filing the briefs and arguing your case, a Puerto Rico appeals attorney can identify potential appeal issues and provide advice as to whether an appeal would be worthwhile.

A History of Success Across Many Appeal Courts

Delgado & Fernández, LLC has one of the most active and successful appeals practice teams in Puerto Rico. During the past five years, our appeals-focused counselors have filed more than 100 merits briefs, motions, and appeals before the Puerto Rico Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, and the First Circuit. We often represent clients appearing as amici in high-stakes litigation. Our Special Briefs and Appeals practice team has extensive experience in handling trial practice and record management to preserve issues for appeal and benefit from a broad substantive background to handle all legal matters on review. We have successfully argued cases on appeal involving insurance, banking law, securities, real estate, labor and employment matters, torts, class actions, breach of contract, government contracts, and constitutional law issues.

A Puerto Rico Appeals Attorney with Deep Appellate Experience

Our Special Briefs and Appeals practice team includes experienced attorneys who clerked at the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico Court of Appeals, and the First Circuit.

José M. Martínez Rivera leads our Special Briefs and Appeals practice team. Prior to joining Delgado & Fernández, LLC, José clerked in the Puerto Rico Court of Appeals for 7 years. His insight into the Court is second to none. José represents clients in complex commercial litigation before Puerto Rico Courts and administrative agencies.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

We have handled appeals in a wide variety of matters, all of which involved complex legal questions. More importantly, we were able to successfully argue those appeals to deliver the right result to our clients when they needed it most. Some of our recent representative cases include:

  • ML-CFC 2007-6 Puerto Rico Properties, LLC v. BPP Retail Properties, LLC, 951 F.3d 41 (1st Cir. 2020)
  • Mendez Moll v. AXA Equitable Life Ins. Co., 202 D.P.R. 630 (2019)
  • Roldan Flores v. M. Cuebas, 199 D.P.R. 664 (2018)
  • Andrés Cordero Vega v. Oriental Bank, No. KLAN201900279, 2020 WL 1021922 (P.R. TCA 30 de enero de 2020)
  • Oriental Fin. Servs., Corp. v. Fontánez Mulero, No. KLAN201900686, 2019 WL 6464061 (P.R. TCA 28 de octubre de 2019)
  • Oriental Bank v. Millenium, No. KLAN201701229, 2019 WL 4511374 (P.R TCA 30 de agosto de 2019)
  • Interspace Indus. Corp. v. Zurich Am. Insurance Co., No. KLAN201900539, 2019 WL 4493875 (P.R. TCA 13 de agosto de 2019)
  • René Orlando Díaz Mendoza v. Axesa, No. KLCE201801736, 2019 WL 2225340 (P.R. TCA 27 de febrero de 2019)
  • Isla Verde Holdings v. Golden Debt, No. KLCE201801479, 2018 WL 7916806 (P.R. TCA 12 de diciembre de 2018)
  • Janine Fonalledas Rupert v. BFH y otros, No. KLCE201801456, 2018 WL 7815246 (P.R. TCA 27 de noviembre de 2018)
  • Oriental Bank v. Gallo Fino, Inc. y otros, No. KLCE201800141, 2018 WL 2206527 (P.R. TCA 28 de marzo de 2018)
  • Glendaliz Prado v. Marvel, No. KLCE201701447, 2018 WL 1046777 (P.R. TCA January 31, 2018)

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