Mr. Montalvo-Cintrón joined Delgado & Fernández, LLC in 2010.  Mr. Montalvo-Cintrón has ample experience defending creditor’s rights in and out of litigation.  He has led hundreds of collection and foreclosure cases and successfully defended claims for lender’s liability and counterclaims.  His practice includes the representation of institutional lenders, investors, funds and business enterprises in diverse matters, including pre-bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy litigation, transactions and debt collection consultation, and matters of mortgage law, corporate law, and banking law.  Mr. Montalvo-Cintrón has worked on multiple complex matters relating to lender’s rights through trial and appeal.

Prior to joining Delgado & Fernández, LLC he worked as an Accountant in the Health Service Industry.

Mr. Montalvo-Cintrón is also a Notary Public.